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Mike McCurdy

Cannabis Caucus Chair – CD 8

Mike McCurdy is happily married and a father of 3 and a grandfather of 2. He is a 5th generation Michigander and a long time activist for the environment and human rights. Mike was recruited to join the Democratic Party by the revered party activist and former Chair of the MDP Progressive Caucus Bob Alexander. Bob and Mike cofounded the Progressive Caucus of Mid Michigan in 2016 which Mike has since chaired. Mike has also served as the CD 8 representative and Vice-Chair to the MDP Progressive Caucus. Mike was elected to Chair the Cannabis Caucus in 2020 with the promise of reorganizing the caucus and utilizing it as a platform to fight to free cannabis prisoners, reform marijuana law, and ensure that the emerging marijuana industry provides ownership and employment opportunities for communities of color and others most directly impacted by the drug war. Most recently Mike has taken a leading role in the formation of the Michigan Cannabis Freedom Coalition and is very excited about the prospect of obtaining freedom for all of Michigan’s cannabis prisoners.

Email me: (517)488-7702

Zahra Abbas

Vice Chair – CD 12

Zahra Abbas is a 34 year old Arab American Muslim political activist in Michigan’s 12th district. She became politically involved through cannabis legalization after starting cannabis as a medicine for her epilepsy when nothing else worked. After volunteering on several statewide campaigns, she decided to run for a delegate position herself. Now, in addition to being vice chair of the Cannabis Caucus of the MDP, she serves as precinct delegate, DNC Delegate, secretary of Young Democrats of Michigan and vice president of Motor City NORML. She is part of the Healthy Dearborn coalition and sits on the Healthy Dearborn steering committee. Zahra is also a volunteer and speaker with the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan and has also volunteered with Sunrise Movement, Southpaw Michigan, has moderated several virtual town halls as well as a speaker and a guest on several podcasts covering issues such as environmental, cannabis and criminal justice reform, healthcare and young voters concerns. 

Zahra is a medical assistant and would like to go back to school to get a degree in public health and policy. Her goal is to help shape rules and regulations around healthcare, drug policy and disability issues. 

Email me:

Samantha Vaive

Sargent at Arms – CD 8

Samantha Vaive has been with the Cannabis Caucus of the MDP since it’s inception. She was a leading member of the Let Lansing Vote ballot initiative and subsequent lawsuit to fight for dispensary rights in Lansing. She has been a cannabis activist since 2009 when while fighting a life-threatening illness she discovered the role THC could play in her recovery. She has been grateful to cannabis ever since. Her goals are expungement for cannabis crime and protections for small local cannabis businesses.

Email me:

Rick Thompson


Publisher, Michigan Cannabis Industries Report

Owner, Michigan Cannabis Business Development Group


Named Citizen Activist of the Year 2015 by national media source           

Crystal Trichome Award winner- Journalist of the Year 2016

Radio: Jazz Cabbage Cafe, The Planet Green Trees Radio Show, more

Activism: MiNORML and MiLegalize, Board member of bothPrint:  High Times,  Hybrid:Life MagazineCultureMagazinemore

Internet: Editor, The Social Revolution; contributor, The Weed News, more

Email me: phone: 586 350-8943

Jamie Lowell

Cannabis Caucus Board Member

Co-founder of Michigan’s first municipally recognised dispensary (Third Coast, 2009), Jamie Lowell has been a founding member or in leadership of: MACC, MILegalize 2016, MiLegalize 2018, Cannabis Caucus, Michigan ASA; is one of the state’s best-known industry podcasters with over 500 broadcast episodes; co-wrote the Prop. 1 legalization of cannabis language; is currently a principal development officer for The Botanical Company; is a recipient of numerous accolades, including a Trailblazer Award from High Times Magazine.  .

Email me:

Rev. Steven B. Thompson

Chapter Director Benzie County NORML1136

Michigan Ave. Benzonia, MI 49616
(231) 882-4496
(Former Executive Director of Michigan NORML from May, 2007 to November, 2011) 
“Kaneh bosm” in the old Hebrew scrolls, quite literally the Biblical Tree of Life, used by early Christians to treat everything from skin diseases to deep pain and

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Leaha S Dotson

Secretary – CD 12

Leaha Skylar Dotson is an activist from Ypsilanti. She is a cannabis advocate currently focused on advocating for more communities to opt into rec, such as Ypsilanti Township, federal descheduling of cannabis, and further criminal justice reforms. Leaha has seen first hand the medical impact of cannabis as a former bud tender and believes safe access to cannabis is a must. She is determined to see more women involved in the Michigan cannabis industry and to support local cannabis entrepreneurs. In addition to her cannabis advocacy she currently serves as Chair of the Young Democrats of Michigan, Vice Chair of the Michigan Democratic Party Youth Caucus, and Precinct Delegate in Ypsilanti.

Email me:

Marshall Clabeaux

Campaigns Coordinator – CD 8

marshall has been with the Cannabis Caucus of the MDP since it’s first caucus. He is active in the caucus through the Cannabis Clemency organizing efforts and online media creation and branding. Other MDP organizing efforts include helping elect Dana Nessel and serving as CD 8 Environmental Caucus Representative 2017-2019. His goals are for all cannabis prisoners freedom and reparation. He also prioritizes medicine grown with organic and energy friendly practices.

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